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Portland Dental Implants to Enhance Your Smile

dental implants in portland, Forest Park Dental StudioAt Forest Park Dental Studio, we know how difficult and frustrating it can be to deal with one or more missing teeth. If you’re seeking an effective dental treatment to alleviate the pain and irritations of a missing tooth, dental implants may be the ideal solution for you. Dr. Ashley Bennett and Dr. Jukka Perkiomaki provide implant-supported restorations to replace missing teeth and improve the functionality and appearance of your smile.

Our practice’s mission is to provide the residents of Portland, northeast Beaverton, Raleigh Hills, and the surrounding communities with accessible, affordable, and high-quality dental care. We know how difficult it can be to fit a visit to the dentist’s office into your busy schedule. Therefore, we offer a wide range of hours to fit the needs of working professionals, parents, and our community’s seniors. Our friendly dentists can’t wait to plan your implant treatment, so give our office a call today to schedule your appointment!


What are Dental Implants?

Your dental implant is an artificial tooth root that fuses with your jawbone. Dental implants are crafted from high-quality titanium to make them as durable and long-lasting as possible. They mimic a healthy root and support a selection of implant-supported restorations that allow us to replace one or multiple missing teeth. By naturally bonding with your jawbone, the implant creates a long-lasting, stable platform for replacement teeth.

Why Choose a Dental Implant?

People consider receiving dental implants at our Portland office for many reasons. You may be interested in this treatment if:

  • Your tooth breaks, cracks, or suffers irreparable damage
  • You have a badly decayed tooth that needs to be removed for your health
  • You suffer a dental emergency that results in one or more damaged or missing teeth

Getting Dental Implants in Portland

Portland dental implants, Forest Park Dental StudioOur dentists work with a highly skilled specialist who place your dental implants. The process starts with a full examination of your gums, teeth, and the structure of your jawbone. To undergo successful dental implant treatment, you must be in good health, have a strong jawbone and no gum disease. After completing your exam, the exact placement and size of your implants is planned out. Precise digital imaging is used to prepare for your surgical procedure.

Your implants get placed in a single, minimally invasive surgical procedure. Once your implants are in place, you’ll need time to heal fully before our dentist places your custom restoration. By giving your implant time to fuse naturally with your jawbone and allowing your gums to heal, we increase the longevity and success of your treatment. The recovery period typically takes several months, then our dentist carefully places your crown, bridge, or denture to complete the implant process.

Restoring Your Smile with Our Implant-Supported Restorations

One of the most appealing features of dental implants is that they support a range of natural-looking, sturdy restorations. Whether you’re missing one tooth or several, we have the implant-supported restoration for your smile. We offer:

Implant Crowns: If you’re missing a single tooth, we’ll use an implant crown to restore your one-of-a-kind smile. Your crown attaches directly to the implant post to give you a sturdy, long-lasting replacement tooth. We match the color of the prosthetic to your healthy teeth and shape it to fit your smile neatly.

Implant-Supported Bridges: If you find yourself struggling with a significant gap in your smile, our team can provide an implant-supported bridge. This particular restoration is built with a mixture of prosthetic teeth and implant crowns. As an added benefit to improving your smile’s function and appearance, your bridge keeps your healthy teeth from shifting out of position over time.

Implant-Supported Dentures: A set of implant-supported dentures allows our dentists to replace up to an entire arch of missing teeth with appealing, natural-looking prosthetics. Since your dentures are firmly secured to your implant posts, you don’t need to worry about them slipping when you eat or talk.

What Are Bone Grafts & Sinus Lifts?

If you don’t have enough healthy jawbone to receive dental implants, you may need a bone graft or sinus lift. To ensure you receive the most efficient and effective treatment, we refer you to a trusted oral surgeon for these procedures.

A bone graft is a surgical procedure that enhances the volume of your jawbone. A small amount of bone material is carefully fused to your jawbone so it can stabilize a dental implant. A sinus lift is a variation of bone graft that specifically reinforces your upper jaw. When you undergo a sinus lift, your oral surgeon adds a small amount of bone between your sinuses and mouth.

5 Tips to Enhance Your Recovery Process

Our team provides you with personalized, comprehensive aftercare instructions to help your recovery go as smoothly as possible. We’ve found that the following suggestions are helpful:

  1. Maintain a soft food diet: During the days following your surgical procedure, we recommend sticking to soft foods to lessen discomfort. You can resume your regular diet as soon as you feel comfortable doing so. Make sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day.
  2. Keep up your dental hygiene: Keeping the area around your implants clean and healthy is crucial. You can brush your teeth regularly, but avoid the implant and any sutures during the recovery period.
  3. Use over-the-counter medications to handle pain: You can use over-the-counter pain medication to alleviate discomfort following your treatment.
  4. Don’t wear a retainer or nightguard immediately following the treatment: We recommend that you not wear a retainer, nightguard, or another dental device for at least ten days following your surgery.
  5. Avoid smoking: Smoking after dental surgery substantially increases your risk of infection, which also increases the risk of your implants failing. We advise you to not smoke for a minimum of two weeks following the operation.

Reliable Portland Dental Implants to Suit Your Needs

Whether you’re looking to replace several missing teeth or one, we have implant-supported restorations to rejuvenate your smile. Dr. Bennett and Dr. Perkiomaki are excited to work with you to develop a treatment plan that matches your dental goals and provides you with the smile you’ve always wanted. Call Forest Park Dental Studio to discover whether dental implants are right for you!



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