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Meet Sasha, Our Resident Therapy Dog at Forest Dental Studio!


Dr. Ashley Bennet  at Forest Park Dental Studio is proud to have Sasha on the team to help our patients have a comfortable and pleasant experience during their visit. Sasha is our resident therapy dog who has undergone extensive training to provide our patients with the support that they need to ease stress and anxiety during general dental procedures. 


What are the Benefits of a Therapy Dog?

Dr. Ashley Bennett understands that the human-animal bond can be a therapeutic source of treatment for her patients. Research has shown that the use of an assisted animal for therapy has been known to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, relieve anxiety, and improve mood. The use of animal assisted therapy has been widely used in the medical field for many years. At Forest Park Dental Sudio, our use of Sasha as a therapy dog is cutting edge in the dental industry.

Sasha's presence allows Dr. Ashley Bennett and her staff provide an option to our patients to relieve their stress, fear, and anxiety without the use of medications. Our patients who have benefited from Sasha’s presence feel calmer and relaxed during their dental exams and cleanings. This has improved their experience and given them an overall better dental visit.

Visit Forest Park Dental Studio to meet Sasha, Our Therapy Dog!

Sasha’s therapy services extend to our patients of all ages. She is a two year old Newfoundland and Poodle mix with the greatest personality. She is here each day roaming the office to share her never ending gift of compassion. Don't be surprised if you get a sweet neck nuzzle during your cleaning.

Feel free to reach up and pet her as she leans into you to deliver one of her famous hugs! If invited, she'll even do a gentle jump up and hug your entire body with hers! Sasha is well trained, groomed each week, and hypoallergenic for your comfort.

If you or a loved one suffer from stress and anxiety related to visiting the dentist, contact Dr. Ashley Bennett and Sasha at Forest Park Dental Studio in Portland OR. We would love for you to meet Sasha, our therapy dog!   



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